brm is an eco and ethical womenswear clothing label based, designed and made in North East England.

We are fully committed to sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly practices, and are Carbon Neutral Certified with BLUEdot Register.

You can read more about our ethics here.

"These are not simply everyday pieces - they are a treat; a piece for a special occasion - but also a hard-working and hard-wearing piece that can be worn everywhere."


I was first inspired to become a designer in my teens when there was nothing in stores that represented my style or my body shape, and that frustration with mainstream fashion and the high street also inspired the ethical direction of brm when I launched the label in 2014. Despite my fashion-based education and passion for enivronmental issues, the idea that those two things could work in tandem as a coherent business, rather than against each other, was not obvious to me at first, but the internet revealed to me that the eco-fashion community is thriving, growing all the time, and every day it continues to inspire me to design.

brm clothing is inspired by vintage cuts and details, quirky street style and the practical needs of our customers - so, there are pockets - because those are the things which inspire me when I get dressed in the morning. These pieces are intended to be seasonless and timeless, pieces which are treasured and handed down to become vintage treasures themselves (if they're not worn to death!).

We strive to make pieces as practical and usable as possible, whether by putting in pockets, or cutting for ease of movement. brm pieces are designed to be eye-catching and memorable, but we also believe that style doesn't have to mean a compromise on comfort.


brm prices take into account every second of craftsmanship and workmanship taken to make our clothes. From the weaving of the fabric, to the hand stitching of the brand label, our pieces are made to last. We intend for every piece to easily withstand the #30wears challenge, and for our cost-per-wear to be worth every penny.


brm currently offer clothing in sizes UK8-14 with some pieces up to a UK18. 

We follow a similar sizing structure to many high street stores, but some pieces will have a smaller waist to hip/bust ratio as per our vintage inspiration.

Every piece in every store will always include relevant measurements in both inches and centimetres, for each size. This enables you, the customer, to make an informed decision based on the measurements of your current clothing. We encourage customers to use these measurements rather than simply ordering the size you normally wear to ensure maximum satisfaction.

We hope to be able offer a larger range of sizes in the future as the company grows. In the meantime, while we are still small enough to accommodate this, we do encourage custom orders - so please contact us!

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